ABOUT USWe Are Specialised in Persian cats

We are a team of vets and cat lovers who love to bread cats to improve the bread. We love to bread cats to create rare color and looks.

WHAT WE STAND FORWe believe in ethical breading Persian Cats in Odisha

We have Persian cats of all color black, white, blue, brown, golden, ginger colors. We have cats of different face types like doll face, punch face. Our kittens are highly active and playful.

Most people carry an image of a white Persian in their heads, but the Persian comes in numerous striking colors and patterns. The long, flowing coat must be combed daily to prevent or remove mats and tangles. The Persian needs regular baths to stay clean and sweet-smelling.

White Persian cat

We have white color persian cats with blue eye and red eye. Contact us to buy white persian cats.

Black Persian cat

We have pure black color persian cat with back and red eye. contact us to buy black persian cats.

Golden Persian cat

Golden Persian cats with blue eye available, contact us to buy golden color persian cats.


Doll Face Persian Cats

Our price starts from 30000 due to the sensitive nature involved in bringing these exquisite treasures into the world. All these kittens are fully vaccinated and dewormed.


Punch Face Persian Cats

Our price starts from Rs.30000/- because its really difficult to bread this kind of kittens. Contact us to buy punch face persian cats.


Extreme Punch face Persian Cats

Big head short nose extreme punch face cats available for sale. Our price starts from Rs.30000/- because all our kittens are fully vaccinated and dewormed.


Persian kitten for sale
Delhi Mumbai

We can deliver to all over India by flight if the payment is done in advance. Delivery within 3 days depending flight schedule.

The traditional Persian, also known as the Doll Face, does not have the extreme features of the show Persian, and his nose is a normal length, giving him a sweet expression. They’re also typically quiet and affectionate cats who enjoy being held, but they’re content just lounging around too.

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